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Soilsaver Compost Bins And Rotating Composters

by admin on 19 September, 2012

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For me I think that if space is available then the rotating composter should be chosen. The soilsaver is ideal for small spaces and can be kept close to the kitchen for food scraps. But, for fast composting and for getting the best results in the shortest space of time then I think money is much better spent on a tumbling bin.

Here is why. Although the smaller bin is great and it is very easy to use, it simply does not make compost as quickly. With a tumbler we are rotating all the contents easily and on a regular basis so we get an even heat and we are also helping to chop up the contents to nice small pieces. This means that it will compost very quickly and evenly. You cannot do this with a regular compost bin. With the special turning techniques we get to ensure that the contents get very hot and even so there is no part that is not composted like we get with a conventional bin.

In fact we can get compost in a matter of weeks with spinning compost bins. This means we get to have a constant supply to add to the soil to improve crops and vegetables or flowers. We are also ensuring that we have the room to make use of all organic matter that comes available to us. You simply cannot beat the rotating composter for speed and efficiency and this is why if space is available I really do recommend them.

For soilsaver reviews and information on the best composter to buy please see the best rotating compost bins resource.

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