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Tips, Tips, and More Tips to Assist with Your Composting

by admin on 20 September, 2012

We are still continuing our series of brief tips and tricks to assist your garden composting. Currently most concentrate on the actual task of making compost and questions about the combination of materials but little by little we’ll be proceeding onto items to help with the choice of techniques and equipment.

  • A tumbling composter can make the work of composting easier and also speed the decompostion process. Tip in your shredded shrub prunings along with grass from the lawnmower and give the tumbler a few turns to mix them . When you add in your kitchen scraps, give it a few more turns to remix, and before long you should have some great compost.
  • Some people, rather than shovelling their compost onto their flower borders and then raking it out, prefer to sprinkle it on from a watering can. How? By making compost tea.
  • An absolutely vital component of a composting mixture, without which you’ll not get get good product, is air. This mixture should have in it some materials that will create air pockets. A combination of cardboard and wood chippings should do the trick.
  • Most garden centers supply activators to assist the composting process, but with as well-balanced mix and plenty of green material these should not be necessary. The ratio of green to brown doesn’t need to be fixed rigidly. In general if around a quarter to a half of the mixture in the composter is green it should compost well.

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