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Still More Tips to Assist with Your Composting

by admin on 6 March, 2013

As we come to the start of another gardening year in the northern hemisphere we have yet another assortment of recommendations on composting. The recycling of garden greenery and brown material from shrubs is becoming increasingly popular as people are more environmentally aware and also increasingly recognize the benefit to their soil of feeding back part of what has come from it in this year’s plant growth.

Many people used bark chippings as a decorative mulch around the plants in their flower borders. After a while it loses its decorative appeal and there can be a temptation to rake it up and throw it away. Instead of dumping it, though, why not run it through the garden shredder and add it as brown material to the composter, mixed with some grass clippings.

A great deal of the waste from your cooking could be feeding the plants in your garden instead of going into the garbage. Green and root vegetables, eggshells and coffee grounds come immediately to mind, though you should keep waste meat and fats separate. If you don’t already do it, why not start to recycle your kitchen waste to create nourishing compost?

Gardeners often discuss "composting systems" that they use. But does it actually refer to much more than equipment they us for composting? It is, however, good to be orderly and systematic in producing compost, particularly if you have a large garden. Give careful thought to where you put your compost heap or composter, and also other equipment, for example your shredder.A little forethought can lead to a lot of timesaving and a more regular supply of excellent compost.

I hope these few tips are useful as we start another year in the garden. For myself, as we’ve moved to a smaller house I’ve installed a simple black plastic compost tub in the garden, which is more like a long patio really. I think this will be enough to do the job. If I’m wrong then I’ll consider a larger bin.

Happy composting.

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