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More thoughts for your composting

by admin on 16 September, 2012

Before the advent of plastic composting bins people simply used to pile up their waste greenery and woody material from pruning shrubs in a hidden area and leave them to rot. They may have made a surround of logs or old bricks to hold it all in place but that was about it. There’s nothing to stop us doing the same today. It is not essential to have a high tech composter.

A great deal of the waste from your kitchen could be going to feed your garden instead of being thrown away. Potato peelings, bits of carrot, leaves of cabbage, egg shells and teabags come immediately to mind, although it is important to keep meat and fats separate. Are you yet recycling your kitchen waste to make nourishing compost?

If you’re a gardener with a shortage of greenery and an imbalance of brown material try sprinkling it with ammonium sulphate as sold for fertiliser. Then spray the pile with water and the nitrogen made available should play the same role as would nitrogen from grass clippings if you had any.

In parallel with your compost heap or bin why not make a leaf cage and store autumn leaves until they rot down to give a nice crumbly soil conditioner. It will be a slower process than your main composting but takes little of your energy and is well worth the space used.

If you’ve kept your leaves from last Fall and you have a surplus of grass cuttings (so much that your main compost pile would be almost all grass with not enough brown material) try starting a separate pile in which you mix chopped up leaves with the grass. This should rot down to give a good compost.

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