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More Ideas and Tips on Composting Basics

by admin on 28 September, 2012

Yet again we have a selection of tips about composting. The recycling of backyard greenery and woody material from shrubbery is more and more popular as people become more environmentally informed and also increasingly discover the value to their soil of returning some of what has come from it as plant growth.

  • A compost pile needs periodic turning and mixing to get an evenly rotted supply of good compost. You can make your life easier by using a tumbling composter. As it turns it mixes.
  • To get a well balanced compost it is necessary to manage the ration of green and brown input. Avoid both too much grass from the lawnmower and also too much shrubby wood. Make sure the brown materials are chopped or shredded small. Mix in other elements such as crushed egg shells from a worktop compost pail in your kitchen and keep the then keep the mixture well stirred to allow access for air. The process needs oxygen.
  • Are you orderly in the way you do your composting? Do you regularly shredd the branches and twigs pruned from your garden shrubs and add them into your composting mix? What do you do with the grass from your lawnmower? In the kitchen, is waste gathered together into a compost pail? If you do these things in a regular and systematic way it will give you a good supply of valuable compost.
  • In my area a lot of the branches cut from shrubs are carted off to the local public disposal point. This is then recycled but the compost doesn’t return to the garden where the material was previously grown. Why don’t you put the twigs and branches through a shredder or chop them up with secateurs then add them to your compost heap? Only sturdy branches then need to be disposed of.

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