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Local Composting Initiatives

by admin on 14 September, 2012

Today my news items focus on local composting initiatives of various kinds in different countries.

The first comes from the United States, from Lansing in New York State.

“The Tompkins County Solid Waste Management Division (TCSWMD) has found an innovative way to partner with people in rural mobile home parks and apartment complexes in upstate New York. This partnership has already diverted 20 tons of recyclable materials and 10,000 pounds of food scraps per year from the landfill. …”
More: Composting Comes To Rural Multifamily Residences – Lansing Star

Next, from the midlands of England comes the story of a commendable initiative of the Leicestershire Waste Partnership, a joint body set up to coordinate municipal waste management in the county. It has been arrange for composters to pass on their green advice at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon at a local library. “The two-hour session is aimed at beginners and will teach the basics such as how composting works, what can be composted, and and more.”
Harborough Mail

Thirdly, something that is not particularly unique but which allows me to remind readers to check whether there is a similar scheme in their own area. Certainly I have lived in areas where the local municipal authority supplied economically priced compost bins to residents. In this American example from Illinois a similar scheme is available. The article adds:

“The composter comes with a lid for adding materials and also is secured to the ground with four screws that allow the bin to be moved if necessary. By adding leaves and greens from kitchen scraps through the winter months, compost will be produced for spring addition to garden spaces by simply opening the door at the bottom of the composter and scooping the compost out. …”
More at: County offers green option for yard waste Morris Daily Herald

Why not look out for similar local compost initiatives in your area? Now here’s a video:

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