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How to Select a Composter For Back garden Composting

by admin on 18 September, 2012

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A Composter: Making Black Gold For Your Garden

By Martha Mountjoy

Any seasoned gardener will tell you that a composter is tantamount to making your own gold when it comes to gardening. This organic matter is brimming with the minerals that your garden needs to grow stronger and even potentially to ward off plant diseases. Basically compost is made of kitchen scraps (vegetable only); other decomposed plant parts like grass clipping leaves and twigs. Combined together and given the right conditions, this will create a rich substance that is basically dirt, which you then incorporate into your garden’s soil.

After mixing fresh and dried materials like grass clippings and dried leaves, add in the collected scraps from your kitchen. These combined materials should be placed in spot in your back yard that will not be an eye sore to your neighbors or your guests.

Composting actually requires a bit of hard labor, but with the right tools and set up, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and actually end up with a better product. Your first step would be to purchase a tumbler, which is attached to a large frame so that the bin that contains the compost can be turned.

Most experienced gardeners also find it useful to use more then one bin, that way they have a constant supply of fresh compost. One bin can be used for new materials, another for aerating and the last one for finishing the compost. If you are worried about the odors, try adding worms that help break down the materials even faster and actually help with odors. Adding tools like thermometers can also be of a great help because it is important that your compost attain a temperature high enough to kill any weeds that could invade your garden.

An expensive composting system isn’t necessary and many people do just fine without it, but a composter system will help eliminate a lot of extra work and allow you to spend your time where you really want to…in your garden.


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