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Another Selection of Compost Tips

by admin on 20 September, 2012

Once more we have collection of tips on composting. The recycling of yard waste plant material is becoming more widespread as more are becoming environmentally conscious and also recognizing the value to their soil of putting back some of what has come out of it as this year’s plants.

  • Leaves from trees are good for the compost heap so long as the amount is not excessive. The bulk of your leaf fall should go into a separate mulching heap. Remember that very waxy leaves will not compost as easily as softer deciduous varieties.
  • Be careful not to put into the compost heap grass clippings from a lawn that has recently been treated with biocides. Always check the instructions on a lawn treatment package to see how long it is necessary to wait before using the mowings for compost.
  • Do you add paper to your compost pile, such as old newspapers or shredded printer paper. How do you like the idea of your old paper bank atatements and utility bills being composted down to help texture your garden soil? Paper comes from wood, and will happily return to the earth.
  • Alongside your compost heap or compost bin why not make a cage in which to collect autumn leaves and store them until they decay to give a nice soil conditioner. This process will be slower than your mainstream composting but it will take only a little effort and is well worth it.

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